If Carling did bike racing

Petrol £30.
Entrance fee £15.
Energy drinks and bars £5.

Holding the line?

Sprinting for 44th place…



No offence to the competitors invovled- it was a brutal race and I would probably be doing the same, just thought I’d pictured a wee gem there.

  • Dave Hamill

    Well, now that you’ve posted about this pic there’s a bit of a story to it as far as I’m led to understand. Look at the ERC rider. He told me that the boy from Cairngorm had spent the whole race refusing to do a turn on the front. He obviously was keeping himself fresh for the sprint for 44th. The reason the ERC rider looks so angry is that he’s about to voice his disdain.

    I have to say I’d have sprinted for it too. I’d just have done a bit of work in the group first. Sounded like a brutal race.

  • FlyingDutchman

    I wouldn’t.
    I too often have seen riders sprint for place 40 and beyond a crash pretty badly for nothing and and from the looks those two came pretty close to it.
    And there is no price money nor fame in a 44th placing, no need to risk broken bones.

    Don’t get me wrong, fighting spirit and determination is the key to improvement, but some folks with not so adept handling skill or fitness should take it a bit lighter. I’m not saying they should be pleased with a 44th placing but realise it doesn’t matter if you 40th or 50th, so please don’t endanger your and the other racers health.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment Dutchman. I pretty much agree with you, the only thing is, after having ridden round the course and found myself in a group, I might not be able to resist sprinting. To a lot of people that /is/ their race, but you’re right, it isn’t worth risking it.