Cycling podcasts: The Sofaboy Chronicles

Harcore fans of the Velocast will by now be aware of John Galloway’s new podcast- it’s up to episode 4. Although the Velocast had a keen following, I was also aware of casual listeners who may not have noticed this new show.

One of the Velocast’s great strengths was the regularity of the shows- the duo’s dedication to duty gave a professional standard show. This professionalism was ultimately the programme’s downfall though, as the time required to produce something so tight and polished proved too great. The Chronicles come out on a more ad-hoc schedule but none of the passion heard in the Velocast is lost.

An interesting change of focus for the early episodes has been a look at grass-roots cycling. If you’re on Twitter you’ll probably know Simon Lamb, Nick (aka Springheel1970) and Derek Troy of, and I’m on the most recent episode, talking about the local scene and how I got into cycling. Once the race season gets going, I expect we will hear more opinion and comment on news and pro races.

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John’s posterous – an interim site, but some good stuff still there

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