Cyclocross promo by Corinne Walder

It’s still cyclocross season, and I thought I’d post this short, stylised promo video shot and edited by Corinne Walder. It’s just an intro to the sport, so nothing groundbreaking for diehards, but it does feature some soundbites from two fresh-faced Scots on the British Cycling academy, Kenta Gallagher and Grant Ferguson.

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  • lionfish

    Hello! Thanks for the blog. It’s maybe a bit off topic, as the blog’s a bit more on the sport-side of cycling, but there’s a big protest happening on 11th January happening in Edinburgh to get investment in good cycling infrastructure across Scotland. You can find out more here:
    For those of us confident cycling with the traffic it may seem unnecessary, but for every one of us willing to deal with the cars there’s a dozen adults and children who have been put off cycling by intimidating roads, so I figure it’s an issue we all should campaign and protest about 🙂

    Thanks again for the blog,


  • Anonymous

    Cheers Mike

    Yes, as you say, it’s mostly sport cycling on here but I do do the occasional bit on urban cycling (have a look at the urban tag).

    Well done on organising the demonstration. It’s certainly something I think I’d generate a bit more interest on twitter, so I will post an update for you on there.

    all the best